SIGNBAND No.1 Troy Gronsdahl

Storefront is delighted to present a commissioned installation by Saskatoon-based artist Troy Gronsdahl. Troy Gronsdahl works in a variety of media creating photography, video, sculpture, and text-based projects. Through a strategic use of humour and ambiguity he aims to create witty and poetic meditations on knowledge and meaning. In addition to his visual art practice, he also creates distinctive, genre-bending hip hop music under the moniker soso for release in Canada, Europe and Japan. Gronsdahl holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Saskatchewan and a Master’s Degree from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. He lives and work in Saskatoon.

The piece is an excerpt from Foucault's Order of Things; a specific discussion on the relationship of exegesis and formalization, unspoken phrases and language in it's crude being.

This is the first installation in the SignBand series; every four months a new artist, designer or architect will be commissioned for this project.

Crystal Bueckert