Emma Lake Archive

March 10-17, 2017



The University of Saskatchewan’s Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus is of great importance to the people of Saskatchewan. Hundreds have attended the summer workshops for visual arts, music and science as a part of their university education, as professional art development or to pursue a passionate interest. The site holds a place in Canadian art history as the site of the infamous Emma Lake artist workshops, hosting dozens of lead artists ranging from Barnett Newman to Frank Stella.

In the early fall of 2012, Cameron Forbes and Crystal Bueckert were invited to visit the Emma Lake as artists in residence. Their intent was to document the buildings that make up the campus. Bueckert and Forbes were drawn to the eclectic architecture styles, the state of disrepair and miniature nature of the buildings. The buildings themselves held a certain energy - they were containers for stories.

Forbes painted the interior of the buildings and their parts while Bueckert created as-built, scaled architectural drawings of each building. Not knowing it at the time, they were to be the last artists in residence to date. The work they made from this period has been compiled into a book - Emma Lake Archive.

Now that the Emma Lake campus may be under renewal, it is a good time to share the original drawings that make up this archive.  

This exhibition will create additional dialogue not only about the site, but also about the relationship between buildings, memories and storytelling. 

Crystal Bueckert